Angel Magick Essentials

Course Table of Contents

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Module 1: The Multiverse and Virtual Reality

Module 2: Angel Magick: How To Summon Angels

Module 3: The Star-Fire Dimension

Module 4: Invocation

Module 5: How To Talk With Angels

Module 6: Enochian Angel Magick

Module 7: Qabalah Angel Magick

Module 8: Angel Talismans

Module 9: Inter-Dimensional Soul Travel

Module 10: Angels and Demons

Module 11: Angel Wars

Module 12: The Magical War

Module 13: Effortless Enlightenment

Module 14: The Great Awakening

Module 15: Television Brainwashing

Module 16: Artificial Intelligence

Module 17: Human Freedom World-Wide

Module 18: Jesus’ Angel Magick Invocation Ritual

(From The First Book of IAOE In The Bruce Codex)

Gift Course: Extraterrestrials

Module 1: Aliens and Angel Magick

Module 2: Military Remote Viewing, Aliens and Celestial Magick

Module 3: UFOs