The most astonishing thing is you can do it too!

How A Near Fatal Bus Crash Instantly Gave A California Tour Guide The Ability To Speak With  Angels!

“It’s so easy, you can talk with angels too,” he says…and he swears he can rapidly teach this easy secret to YOU…Overnight you can open your mind and contact Angels, receive spiritual guidance and manifest almost miracles in your life, deepen your relationships, and harmonize with nature and the universe.

Dear Magician,

How would you like to discover you have a reputation as an “Angel antenna?” 

Have you ever tried to use a radio with a broken antenna? You don’t get very far.  

Attached to a radio, these devices detect far off signals, and empower you to tune in to remote stations. 

With a proper antenna, you can listen to music transmitted over huge distances. 

What does this have to do with being able to talk with Angels? 

Give me a minute. I’ll get to that.

To tell the truth, as much as I love witnessing people demonstrating their own inner abilities…my greatest excitement is still watching someone like David Griffin at work. 

As skeptics who don’t believe in Angels have learned, he is so on target with total strangers the question arises… how does he do it?

This is where you earn your name in this field – when even skeptics come to recognize something unusual is going on. And that is why I am convinced you will enjoy learning about this.

Here’s the story:  “Was that an explosion?” David screamed while giving his guided tour.

“We just lost the left front tire,” shouted the bus driver, desperately trying to stop the motorcoach from flipping over. 

The bus pulled to the left and shot right down the hill into oncoming traffic. 

The driver yanked the wheel as hard as he could to no avail, as the Walmart truck in front of the line started flashing his lights.

A wave of panic rushed through the passengers, begging and pleading for their lives. 

“It would take a miracle to save us now,” David thought to himself.  Gripping the seat for dear life, he began to pray out loud “Oh God, grant us protection. Protect us, oh Lord. Send your Angels to save us.” 

David remained calm, but in his heart – he knew he was about to die. 

That’s when a miracle happened.  

A powerful presence rose up within David, and he heard a voice say: 

“Don’t be afraid. I am your Guardian Angel.
Your prayers are answered.”

Suddenly, the Walmart truck shot uphill faster than any truck  should possibly move.  

A split second later, they would have collided head-on. 

Instead, the tour bus merely crashed into the truck’s trailer and bounced right off, landing the bus safety on the center divider.

The bus stopped and everyone was shocked they were still alive. 

People started climbing down from the bus as the driver helped them one by one.  

52 passengers… and not a single scratch on them.  

David looked around in disbelief.  

Could it really be possible that his Guardian Angel saved them all from certain death?  

As he came to his senses, an elderly Italian woman came up to David with a warm smile in her eyes. 

It was the same woman who sat directly behind him as he started to pray. 

“I saw it.” she said.

“I saw the Angel.  I heard your prayer.  You called God’s Angel.  And it came to save us.”

David’s jaw dropped to the ground. 

She was right. And from that day, he never doubted his Guardian Angel again. 

Following the crash, David started to notice something strange. 

He didn’t have to pray to summon Angels anymore.  Something inside him just switched on.  It was like they were already in his head. And they started working small miracles in his life.

Before he learned to control his ability, David had a problem.  It was as if he had Angel Radio playing in his head 24/7 and he couldn’t tune them out.  

Once, when someone came by to ask how David was recovering, the Angels told him about details about her life. 

David asked: “When did you let your husband come back home? Weren’t you finished with him?”

She was speechless. 

But everything the Angels said was always true. These messages were always so accurate, David earned the reputation of being an “Angel antenna.” 

So you can picture the shock in people who don’t believe in Angels when David began reading their lives like an open book…

Soon he was attacked and reviled on the internet, but eventually even his toughest skeptics became impassioned fans.

And because David Griffin has been dealing with believers and skeptics all his life, he insists you put this to the test yourself…

And Marvel When You Discover…

YOU Can Speak With Angels Too!

David Griffin today is a world authority in Angel Magick. He presides over the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (AΩ), a famous Magick school from England in the 19th Century. 

His private sessions are booked solid months in advance. He has the documented ability to communicate with Angels. 

In fact, many of David’s students have awakened this ability in themselves too

But what’s REALLY causing a stir in the esoteric world…is the astonishing fact….

David Claims He Can Quickly And Easily Teach ANYONE How To Speak With  Angels!

Take my word for it: You haven’t experienced anything until speaking with Angels is as simple as tuning in a radio. 

And the more you practice and perfect this ability, the more you will be able to call the specific Angel you choose.

Imagine, once you have the ability to converse with Angels, your life will grow in completely new directions and people may even rush to your door.

Gosh… It’s possible you may soon be manifesting miracles in your life and people will be greedily seeking YOUR advice once you realize…

You Can Speak With Angels Too!

How can a tour guide from Hayward California become a world renowned Angel Magick teacher? 

Turns out… you don’t need to be a Magician to speak with Angels. You don’t even need any particular talent to learn to communicate with Angels. The Method you use is everything.

David’s ability to speak with Angels was awakened during his near death experience. He knew he could not avoid his calling and began to study Angel Magick seriously. 

Before long, he began to receive international recognition for his spiritual powers.

And it just came to him one day. We all have the sleeping ability to talk with Angels.

Perhaps you already know this to be true. Many people feel the same way, but just don’t know how to begin.

It’s so easy, actually…that with the right teacher you could a leg up with awakening your powers.

Who Am I And Why Should You Believe This Astonishing Story?

My name is Leslie McQuade and David Griffin is my husband. 

Together, we lead the Hermetic Golden Dawn and the Alpha Ωmega church,

where we speak with Angels in our live stream ceremonies every morning. 

After years of working with Angels, we’ve put everything together into a complete Angel Magick course that is simple enough for someone with zero experience… yet profound enough for even the most advanced practitioners…

And, above all, powerful enough to convert hardcore skeptics into dieheart beleivers. 

Here we are, welcoming you to Angel Magick Essentials… as we have for so many others.

Talking with Angels is a natural process, but first you must learn exactly what to do and how to access your sleeping powers. So David and I pooled our decades of experience practicing and teaching Magick, then spent years to produce this unique Angel Magick Essentials course for you.

Don’t worry. It is easy to learn to talk with Angels and there is nothing to be afraid of. All you need to do is turn within and…

Here is some of what you will learn in this astonishingly powerful Angel Magick Essentials course…

Through God-Force energy you have more doors opening. How would you feel when your life force becomes more abundant and you begin the vital awakening of the cosmic forces within you?

Inside this module:

  • Discover how to live with multi-dimensional awareness.

  • Unearth the key to the Multiverse – What it is and how you can tap into it-revealed!

  • Encounter the value of the spirit world, and of internal experience

  • What is multidimensional consciousness and human evolution?–Some will attain it, most won’t. Find out why…

  • Discover how Magick is your best defense against possession and losing your spiritual and physical freedom.

  • Why is dark technology a threat to your spiritual freedom?

  • Gain the unfair advantage Magick in the God-Force gives you–revealed!

Experience all this and more presented in straightforward, simple way–holding nothing back–making it easy for you to absorb and learn.

The summoning of Angels needs a simple check system, and a building of appropriate power within you. In this module you will discover…

  • What is your energetic body–your “Soul” or “body of light”?

  • How to strengthen your energetic body and unfold it so you can perceive the invisible realms like the ancient Egyptians did.

  • The crucial role of the Sun and life-force–It’s true spiritual and physical significance revealed.

  • What are Angels? Uncover the hidden truth!

  • Discover the real secret of alchemy and transmutation

  • Experience the protection of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the power of the Middle Pillar spiritual practice.

  • How to awaken effortlessly on the Inner Planes. Discover what the Lower and Upper Astral dimensions are and how you benefit by accessing them–All explained.

  • Learn the terrible truth about the Astral plane is presently being invaded by Dark Forces, and how the Angels have come to the aid of humanity as our allies.

Discover the astonishing Star-fire Dimension and what it means to you and to humanity. You will uncover all this and more in this fascinating module. All about…

  • Extraterrestrial life and the star fire dimension.

  • The children of the stars? Who are they?

  • The purpose of human life explained-everyone should know, now you can.

  • What went wrong on the earth plane?

  • Learn about the luminous residents of the star-fire dimension

  • Where do Angels reside?

  • What happens at the time of your death? You need to know the steps that you must do… Most don’t know this

  • Human freedom worldwide-have we already lost it?

  • The ascension of humanity and its importance. Can it be done? The answer may surprise you.

  • Aleister Crowley’s treason against humanity and how Dark Forces he unleashed today threaten to engulf the Earth

Now we get more into the practical side of Angel Magick…

  • What is invocation?

  • Learn the language of Angels. How to talk with them.

  • The steps of invocation revealed so that anyone can use it.

  • Which Angel you absolutely must invoke in order to successfully talk with all other Angels.

  • The spirit vision technique versus astral projection-What’s the difference?

  • The shocking truth-Does every human being have a soul? Find out…

  • The realm of delusion–How to test your visions-the best method revealed.

  • The secrets to duality unveiled.

  • The goal of attaining true individuality versus false individuality.

  • Why you need to work with your astrological chart correctly.

  • How to break the reincarnation cycle-and why you must!

  • Free will–Why most don’t really have it!

  • The higher form of you–What is it?

  • The truth about who Angels really are.

  • The ultimate choice you need to make–And, if you don’t, what happens or won’t!

Talking with Angels is real, it just isn’t something many people know how to do…Learn about:

  • The mental versus feeling level of communicating with Angels.

  • How to open your heart center.

  • How to implement battle Magick when necessary on the Inner Planes.

  • The two original methods of visionary experience used in Golden Dawn Magick.

  • What is the “lunar” realm?

  • The steps to successful Spirit Vision fully explained…

  • The importance of testing your visions when you practice Magick.

The famous but difficult Enochian system just became easy…a lot easier…and you will be able to use it immediately…We show you:

  • The Enochian tablets and how they conceal secret names of God.
  • The Enochian Angels and how Dr. John Dee contacted them.
  • Communication with Enochian Angels–The secret benefits revealed!
  • The Enochian Planetary Tablets unveiled. Meet the Planetary Angels.
  • The complexity of Enochian Magick simplified so that anyone can learn it.
  • Who are the Kerubic Angels and how can you obtain their secret names from the Enochian Tablets?
  • The Golden Dawn system to summon the Enochian Angels of the Elements.
  • One famous Magician was terrified of the Enochian Angels. Is the Enochian Magick system good or evil? Find out the truth!

The Hermetic Qabalah (Not to be confused with Kabbalah. There is a difference). We put this simple easy to learn version in your hands–and we give you the keys…

  • Learn the Magick of Golden Dawn Hermetic Qabalah

  • Discover secrets of the Four Qabalastic Worlds

  • Mysteries of the Tree of Life–revealed.

  • Archangels and Angels–What is the difference?

  • How to summon the Angels of the Holy Tree of Life.

  • How to use Divine names of the sacred Sephiroth.

  • How Orthodox Kabbalah and the Magick of Hermetic Qabalah are different.

Bring power into your life with Talismanic Magick…

  • Discover the true and secret purpose of Talismans.

  • How Talismans bring Cosmic Forces down to Earth.

  • How to harness the power of the planets and stars for practical Magick.

  • How to use Angel talismans to improve your life.

  • What is The Great Work, what is its goal, and why you need to know it!

  • The most important things you need to know when creating angelic talismans.

  • The recipe for disaster and how to avoid it, by knowing this one important thing.

  • The difference between invocation versus evocation and what each actually does that many mixup.

  • Lamens versus Talismans–What each does is essentially different. Find out more.

  • What is the key to multi-dimensional consciousness?

  • How to awaken on the Inner Planes.

  • What is the Rosicrucian magic of light, and what are the magical hierarchies you need to know about?

  • The Tree of Life and the Enochian Tablets – Soul Travel maps of the Inner Planes.

  • Soul travel or inter-dimensional travel? The answer may surprise you.

  • Spirit vision – The simple step-by-step process

  • Secret keys of manifestation–Revealed!

  • The Astral Invasion – What is the interdimensional battle happening now that most know nothing about

  • Possession–Do demons walk among us? How to recognize celebrities possessed by demonic entities.

  • How demons lay traps for armchair magicians and casual dabblers.
  • How magical angelic invocation helps you grow spiritually.

  • What one thing can kill your spiritual growth?–Often permanently!

  • The spiritual Russian roulette you need to avoid… What is it? And what might it cost you unless you become aware of it now?

  • What is the astral invasion and how does it affect you?

  • Who are the angels and what is their ancient covenant with humanity?

  • Is there life inside the stars? Is our Sun inhabited?

  • What are the solar Angels and what is their true purpose?

  • Our future selves and Angels, what’s the connection?

  • Angel communication–How does it work?

  • Why you need Angel Magick now and how it can benefit both you and human kind.

  • The Interdimensional War–Armageddon–and what you need to know to survive with your freedom intact.

  • The Demonic Legions invading our dimension–What are they after? What do they want?

  • The Slaver Magicians who have ruled humanity through Black Magick and human sacrifice.–Who are they?–And what you must beware to avoid getting ensnared!

  • The Angels of Light–What was their ancient promise and will they succeed to save humanity from the rising darkness?

  • The Magicians of Light and their ancient covenant with the Angels.

  • The Second Coming of Jesus’ Magick–Will Magicians of Light armed the ancient Magick of Jesus and our allies, the Angels, succeed defeat the Slaver Magicians and cast out the Demonic Hordes back into their dark abode?

  • Who are you in reality? A wife or husband? A mother or father? A career person? Are these not but mere roles you identify with temporarily?

  • Self-Realization–Who are you really then–beyond all roles and identifications? (Hint: It is not what you think!)

  • Illumination–Open the flood gates of solar vital energy. Here is how…

  • Enlightenment–What is Enlightenment and why is it considered hard to achieve?

  • Use this simple rite to realize your True Self effortlessly with this astonishingly easy method. This is truly the lazy man’s Key to Enlightenment.

  • Why can spiritual awakening be painful? 

  • How much does it hurt to discover you have been lied to?

  • Is humanity asleep in a television induced trance?

  • Has TV created the most brainwashed generation in human history? 

  • What is the “Great American Awakening” and what does it have to do with breaking this trance between 2 total solar eclipses across the USA 7 years apart?

  • Is humanity now three years into a mass spiritual awakening that will culminate with the next American eclipse in 2024?

  •  Don’t miss this fundamental module breaking down essential psychic and spiritual protection for the 21st Century!

  • The secret ‘mind virus’ they don’t want you to know–And what you absolutely must learn to protect yourself and those you love.

  • How our culture is under attack.

  • What TV broadcasting is actually doing to you.

  • The methods of mind manipulation that control and influence you and how to protect yourself from them- Revealed!

  • Essential psychic and Spiritual protection road mapped for you!

  • What is the real threat to you behind AI?

  • How Magick can rescue humanity and your future from this real and present danger

  • Is technology superior to spiritual development?

  • What scientific studies have been going on that have been injected into our culture clandestinely?

  • IV DMT drips…find out who’s behind this experiment and why?

  • Are we in the Last days prophesized in biblical times?

  • The one world government agenda…what is it really?

  • The one type of Magick that is essential for you to learn in order to succeed in securing your future.

  • Cyborgs and Robots? What’s the significance?

  • Microchip mandatory implants? Why your resistance or failure to resist will secure your freedom or condemn it.

  • Follow a live step-by-step performance of this powerful Angel Magick daily ritual practice.

  • Learn how to perform the Invocation known as the Opening of the Treasury of Light (Powerhouse of Light)

  • This pearl of a ritual originates from the first book of IAOE contained in the Bruce codex aka Codex Brucianus.

  • This Ancient Christian manuscript was rediscovered by archaeologists  in 1769 and it contains the very secret teachings, magical rites and sacred baptisms taught by Jesus to his inner circle of disciples.

  • Join Leslie and David in beautiful Columnhenge, located in the mysterious natural wonder of the Mojave desert.

  • Are you ready to take a major leap forward?

  • To our closed-door inner order members, they know this as… The one magick to rule them all!

Now that you have browsed through all these substantial video lessons and transcripts you will gain instant easy access to …that make up this breakthrough Ritual Magick Essentials course… 

Just Imagine…

Imagine feeling invigorated rather than burned out at the end of a hard day’s work, because contact with Angels is giving you so much energy. 

Imagine the self-confidence you will feel flirting with danger, once you know your Guardian Angel is protecting you.

Picture your entering any situation confident you will know what to say, because you have an Angel whispering in your ear.

Imagine just thinking of something you want to change, and your amazement when it manifests almost instantly because the Angels have catapulted your manifestation power

How would it be to have Angelic aid with solutions to problems you frequently face in life?

… and finally eliminate them…

… forever?

What would that mean to you? 

Perhaps a simpler, more meaningful life?

Complete peace of mind?

Just have a look and see for yourself what others have said…

Just have a look and see for yourself what others have said…

“I was skeptical 4 weeks into it and no results, I was about to give up then I performed the invocation in final module, and wow! That night I had the most vivid visitation, it was startling. I became full of hope and have a protective feeling around me since then. I don’t know why but everything is getting better for me now.” –Mario Muños, Mexico DF

“I’m an experienced witch, so as a Neo-Pagan I was skeptical about working with Angels. But this course changed my mind.” – Elisa Fowler, New Orleans LA

“Probably the best and most practical course in magic I have ever taken.”–Mike Novak, Ontario, Canada

I didn’t know I could have experiences such as these. Since taking this magic course, I’m filled with a sense of purpose, a calm and a happiness I’ve not found in any other study or magic group I’ve been in. –Valerie Hobson, Sydney, Australia 

Attention: This Is Not Your Typical New Age Hocus Pocus

This Is A Complete Course In Angel Magick Guaranteed To Have You Speaking With Angels

Angel Magick Essentials is the most unique, thorough and powerful Angel Magick course available anywhere today. 

We have laid out everything for you step-by-step making it as fast and easy as possible to put into action and get results.

Everything is instantly available online, so it’s just as easy to access as checking your phone. 

Inside you’ll find 18 full course modules complete with every Angel Magick secret, method and technique you’ve learned about today…

Including video, audio, and even a transcript to ensure you will make contact with the Angels.

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Angel Magick Essentials

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Angel Magick Essentials is brought to you by Alpha Ωmega.

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